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sitting at my local Starbucks trying to do homework but i’m definitely on Tumblr… This is why I have 2 F’s.

"Learning to live without somebody is truly one of the hardest challenges a person can go through."


im lonely and i miss you please come back to me. 


Alcohol gives me the same warm feeling inside that you used to.

"Maybe we’ll meet again, when we are slightly older and our minds less hectic, and I’ll be right for you and you’ll be right for me. But right now, I am chaos and you are poison."
-(via viviant-vthai)


find someone
who knows
you’re sad
just by the change
of tone in your

be with someone
who loves the
feature that
you hate the most

fall inlove with
someone who
looks at you and
knows they don’t
want anyone else


"Too many young girls don’t know how to act when someone’s being inappropriate with them. They giggle or they try to brush it off. Don’t do that. Tell them to go fuck themselves - be a bitch. If someone’s being disrespectful to you, be disrespectful right back. Show them the same amount of respect that they show you."
-Wise words from my mom (via aurelle)